How to measure color of Chocolate

Color is a vital component of chocolate that determines the perception of the overall quality. With the ever-growing demand for good-quality chocolate products, color measurement is a priority for producers.

HunterLab provides the industry’s best color measurement solutions to give chocolate manufacturers quantitative standardization values. This helps them evaluate quality repeatedly and reduce wastage accurately. 

Chocolate comes from various sources, and even the slightest color variation can reflect on the quality of the product. That is why color control in the processing and development stages is crucial to the overall outcome. HunterLab spectrophotometers help improve the visual appeal of chocolate.

HunterLab Aeros is the ONLY smart non-contact spectrophotometer in the world. Its unique auto-height positioning enables color measurement of non-homogenous materials with better accuracy and safety.

You need an easy-to-use, reliable color measurement instrument to provide early warning signals, ensuring your quality control processes work seamlessly. HunterLab spectrophotometers help reduce wasted end products and improve your top-line revenue.   

Quality is paramount to gaining market share and boosting brand reputation. You want to give your customers the best you have to offer. HunterLab spectrophotometers provide precise measurements within 5 seconds and occupy minimal bench space. 

Say goodbye to manual errors and repetitive work: with an easy-to-use modern interface and the latest data communications features, our best-in-class spectrophotometers reduce the time and labor necessary to evaluate color. Additionally, they come with color measurement software that can store and recall numerous #standards. The data is displayed and stored digitally and can be fed into your Statistical Process Control (SPC) systems, facilitating more efficient workflows. These features accelerate the quality control process by shrinking the time to measure multiple samples.