How to measure color of Cocoa Powder

Color is a vital component of cocoa powder manufacturing that determines the perception of the overall quality of cocoapowder. With the ever-growing demand for good-quality cocoa powder, color measurement is a priority for producers.

HunterLab provides the industry’s best color measurement solutions to give cocoa producers quantitative standardization values to evaluate quality repeatedly and reduce wastage accurately.

HunterLab spectrophotometers help improve the visual appeal of your cocoa powder. Color measurement can ensure you meet industry standards and, most importantly, customer expectations.

Manage and streamline your cocoa powder qualitycontrol processes seamlessly with HunterLab’s easy-to-use, reliable ColorFlex EZ spectrophotometer. Get early warning signals that help reduce wasted end-product and improve your top-line revenue.

Gain clarity and confidence to boost your brand reputation: Cocoa powder is used to produce many other products and needs to undergo stringent QC processes. HunterLab spectrophotometers provide precise measurements within 5 seconds and occupy minimal bench space.