ColorFlex EZ Tomato

HunterLab's ColorFlex EZ Tomato is a full visible spectrum ( 400 - 700nm) spectrophotometer built specifically for use in the tomato processing industry. It is compact, ruggedly built and provides extreme ease-of-use. Among its many features are sealed optics and keypad, so sample spills are never an issue. No PC is required for its operation. It comes standard with over 17 different color scales used in industry of all types, such as Hunter L,a,b and CIE L,a,b. In addition, tomato industry scales such as a/b, Fresh Tomato Color Index, or FTCI, and Lycopene Index, as well as individual tomato product scales are included. Scales such as Tomato Paste Score or TPS, Tomato Sauce Score or TSS, Tomato Catsup Score or TCS, and Tomato Juice Score or TJS. ColorFlex EZ Tomato units also are provided with Tomato Standard tiles calibrated to Tomato Industry Brix values.