How to measure color of Safflower Oil

Don’t measure the color of safflower oil like it’s still 1885. With HunterLab, take one small sample measurement and see your results in the scales and path lengths that you need.

Consumers depend on color as an indicator of quality when choosing the right safflower oil. Even slight color or appearance changes makes them question the quality of your oil. Hence maintaining the same color and appearance consistency throughout the production process of safflower oil is an essential step in ensuring the purity of the final product.  

Color and appearance measurements play a crucial part in the refining process of safflower oil. HunterLab spectrophotometer and quality control solutions provide accurate and consistent data that can improve the efficiency and consistency of your grading process.

Did you know? HunterLab’s Vista is the only instrument in the market that can measure color and haze or turbidity simultaneously. The best part is, you can measure in any optical quality vial or cell, as small as 10mm. The HunterLab Vista spectrophotometer will accurately report LOVIBOND® RYBN 1” and 5.25” results, as well as AOCS RY 1” and 5.25” results, all in one test. Speed up your measurement process time while minimizing product waste and cleanup time.

HunterLab makes your quality assurance process simple with all the pre-equipped color scales and indexes you need, an easy-to-use modern interface, and the latest data communication features. Rest assured, your brand reputation and profit margins will always be in check.